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Mon 31st

Electronics Waste Will Soon Weigh as Much as 8 Egyptian Pyramids

The average U.S. resident tosses 66 pounds of e-waste each year.

Federal Flood Maps Left NY Unprepared for Sandy

Investigation: FEMA knew of deficient maps prior to historic storm.

35 Years Later, FDA Agrees to Set Rules for Controversial Antimicrobial Agent

Triclosan, widely used in consumer products, has been linked to a variety of health and environmental concerns.

Half of Soaps, Lotions and Drugs End Up in Our Water

Study: drugs, antibiotics and pesticides escape treatment by wastewater plants.

Two New Apps Help You Buy Safer Cosmetics

Two big names in the drive to clean up the cosmetics industry have launched apps designed to help shoppers.

Are Young Gymnasts At Risk from Chemical Exposure?

Foam blocks cushion falls, but may expose children to a banned hormone-mimicking chemical: Study.
Eli Wabash
Enjoy the musing of the silver fox as he tries to figure out what all of this really means!
Mario Batali
Through his restaurants, cookbooks, products and tv shows, Mario breathes the spirit of the Old World into modern day America!
Climate Crisis 101
It’s easy being green? Learn the basics about Climate change.
Glossary of climate change terms.
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The green blue book. The simple water-savings guide to everything in your life. By Thomas M. Kostigen
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What's Your Earth Impact?
Mario Batali
You Are Here by Thomas M. Kostigen. 'It may just spark a whole new cultural movement' -Kevin Bacon. Buy the The Book

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